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1. CUCKOO IN THE NEST is a drama set in Ireland in the aftermath of the IRA troubles.

Feature Film

Written and Directed by: Jane Sanger

Logline: A propulsive drama, powerful, moving, mesmerising.  A seemingly innocent young girl who stays with the Irish family is a Cuckoo in the Nest as her troubled past brings devastation and death.

Short Synopsis:

Billy struggles after being involved with the accidental killing of a British man in N Ireland at the end of The Troubles, inveigled by his childhood friend Jimmy. Billy and his pregnant wife escape to her uncle's cottage in Scotland to make a new start. Life is not easy and in exchange for help with the children, so his wife can return to work, a young lady enters their life. A series of accidents that follow seem more than mere coincidence. Who exactly is Megan? She seems to know some uncomfortable truths about their past life. She must be dealt with before complete havoc ruins their family's life. Jimmy suggests snipering her to stop her interference in a crime that could send them to jail.

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2. BLOODY LOVE is a tense, coming of age, drama thriller adapted from an award winning play by David Fielding adapted by Jane Sanger and Di Lofthouse

Either Feature Film or 8 part tv series


One night on Hampstead Heath, teenager Joe is found stabbed to death. Everyone of his friends have the means to kill him but did they have a motive, or was it a stranger?  A tangled web of secret relationships and long held resentments slowly surface as each friend falls under police scrutiny. The friendship group once tight, now unravels but still no-one will break and betray anyone else, so it's hard to pinpoint the killer. Now a year after the unsolved crime the young people meet again to air their views and to push the police to find the killer. A story of the darkest secrets, love and loss.

PRODUCER:  DI LOFTHOUSE  - In Preproduction


3. SECRET ACT - 6 part dark thriller for TV

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The pilot for this series was written at NFTS under the tutillage of Peter Ansorge, ex head of Ch 4 drama commissioning and  Drama BBC Producer.

In the sleepy town of Brambly Beeches, in the home counties, everyone knows everyone's business, there are no secrets. It's in a perfect position for commuting to London yet enjoying the country life. It boasts one of the best co-ed private schools in the country and seven of the remaining grammar schools, so house prices soar as families fight to buy them and ensure their children places at these schools.

When Vanessa, a beautiful and extremely rich woman finds her builder Greg has disappearred, she can think only of the inconvenience of not having her orangerie finished for her daughter's birthday. Only Perry his father  truly wants to hunt him out, the police are not interested.

Mateo, a Peruvian and BAFTA nominated documentary maker comes to the village as his wife was born there. He starts to quietly investigate whilst outwardly making a new documentary on the local commune where Greg and Perry live.

Despite its perfect facade he gradually uncovers many secrets that lead him into the momentous discovery of a Victorian Ice Cave, torture chamber and many undercurrents of criminal and immoral behaviour in the community.


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4. DAGGER OF ICE -fantasy drama/thriller - feature film

Written and Directed by Jane Sanger

Vanessa is depressed that she cannot have a second child and devotes all her time to her perfect six year old daughter Bebe.  Her stepdaughter from he husband's first marriage is resentful at being overlooked. Tom is posted to rural Canada with his job and Vanessa tries to fit in to a new life.  At a mothers lunch that over runs she is late for the school pick up, Bebe attempts to walk home alone and is run over and killed.

Vanessa is overwhelmed with guilt and grief and retreats into herself ignoring her husband and stepdaughter's feelings, so they eventually leave for a while to live with his mother. Gradually Vanessa recovers and resurrects her former life as a wildlife photographer.  In the snowy forest she discovers a beautiful snowchild and her brother.  They lead her into a hidden wild world  of strange creatures and other lives.  She is introduced to Hunter an imposing but taciturn woodsman and he reluctantly agrees to teach her forest ways.

All is not as it seems in the beautiful white world and the creatures and snow children are hounded by a malevolent force. Vanessa witnesses a horrific murder.  She must persuade her husband to return and help her save the snow children and herself from this evilHer family don't believe her fantastical descriptions and it's a race against time to make them understand that her boundaries between imagination and reality are not blurred.

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5. MURDER AT THE MINT - historical drama for tv set in UK and India from1925-47 8 x 1hr


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My grandfather was employed by the Indian Mint in Calcutta from 1926 and following the Great Crash in 1929 stayed on for another 16 years til 1947 just before Indian Independence and the Partition. The story is  based on the letters he sent home and those written to him. I am presently writing a script which incorporates characters into this partly fictional story.

TV Series - Involving forced marriage, social pretensions over class and race and The Fishing Fleet, the nickname for the unmarried women who came to India in the Raj looking for husbands.

Wilfred a goldsmith has married a lady from the upper middleclass, the beautiful spoilt and pampered Eleanor, the daughter of a rich merchant. Schooled by governesses and finished at a school near Versailles with her sisters, her parents feel she has married beneath her to a man who works with his hands. However there is something very flawed about Eleanor and the family must take whatever offer of marriage comes her way.

A doting mother, she finds life very difficult in her "reduced"circumstances and when Albert is given the coveted post as artist engraver to the Indian Mint he travels alone. On her visit with her young daughter she hates the heat, and is looked down on by the army and civil service wives and not allowed into the best clubs. Shamed she returns to the UK, leaving her husband alone in India for 10 years with one visit home per year.

Lonely, Wilfred takes a beautiful Indian mistress. He has begged Eleanor to come out again with both his son and daughter and she makes one more visit. Her father has died and left her with the equivalent of £2 million in today's money. During this time there is a terrible scandal as the body of Priti, Wilfred's mistress is found in the press room, ritually and weirdly displayed over the press. The scandal must be hushed up but Leo, Albert's young son wants to find out more.

Fast forward to modern times and Anushi has been left her great grandmother's belongings in Calcutta. Curious about her heritage she leaves her medical studies for a sabbatical and uncovers the scandal of the murder which she is determined to solve even though the witnesses are mostly dead.

6. THE NIGHTRIDERS - historical drama  for tv

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Nightrider is a 8 part historical adventure /drama for television


Written and Directed by Jane Sanger

Little is known in contemporary times about The White Slave Trade, but it is a historical fact. This was carried out by the Sultans of Morocco for over 130 years til the Americans sailed to Rabat and freed the remaining slaves and overcame the Sultan.


Our story begins in 1714 as George I comes to the throne and Barbary Pirates were being sent by the Sultan Ismail Moulay to the south European Coast and particularly to Great Britain on the West Country , South Irish and South Welsh coasts to capture strong young men to build his palace and red head girls in particular for his hareem.


The story follows the plight of the Fellowes, a squires family living in the West Country, when one stormy night  their daughter Elizabeth, a red haired beauty and her brother John go missing as the Barbary Pirates attack, there can be only one dreadful conclusion. Lady Mary is forbidden to visit the local white witch, but she disobeys her husband. Esther tells her the children are still alive. Sir Richard goes to the Prime Minister to seek audience with the King to send ships to bring his beloved children and all the other slaves back. He is met with a brick wall.


Determined to do something, he and the other local squires meet and decide to fund the earliest known coastguard: The Nightriders, who will patrol and protect the coast from further attacks. Another stormy night a year later a lone Nightrider rides up to the Manor door and deposits a very wet and feverish young lady there and rides off before he can be questioned. Lady Mary takes her in and is shocked to see it’s her heavily pregnant daughter, her hair dyed brown from walnut juice. Elizabeth is struck dumb and so the story contuinues.


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7.THE RUSSIAN SECRET - a 4 part drama tv series 

Darcy, 30's, a married mum of 3 children, struggles to make ends meet and

is shocked to receive a summons from a solicitor. She has been left a substantial amount in a will. But she has no wealthy relations, so where does the money come from? She has to sign to say that she will keep the contents secret before the will is read. Nikolai Naryshkin (Nick to her) a far distant memory, was an older man who chatted to her when she was a barmaid as a student, but he is long forgotten and has never seen her since. His will reveals dark secrets and a mission that must be completed before she can claim the riches that will set her family up for life.

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8. THE HALF STITCHED HEALING CLUB - a 6 part drama tv series

In a sleepy, home counties village, people rarely move or move away.  A group of older, characterful village ladies run a local art and craft group where they are concentrating on making memory quilts. Then a very attractive, older, new age woman joins their midst, a newcomer to the village, a healer and shaman. She isn’t like the other ladies who go to the stitching club or play bowls, she’s like a breath of fresh air. Rivalries, long held resentments and dark secrets begin to unfurl.


With her serene looks, air of confidence and other worldliness she dazzles them all. Her mother has died and she has temporarily returned to the village where she was brought up, and suddenly people do remember her.  Whilst picking apart her past they remember their own.


Then she invites them all to South America to a free healing workshop, a woman’s circle she is holding. Suspicious at first and dead against it the ladies find excuses not to go. However, feeling that life has more to offer than this sheltered village, with holidays in France and Spain, they gradually agree to an adventure. Will all their traumas and bad experiences be healed as they continue making memory quilts in the warm sun of Ecuador? Whilst eating food they have never tried, doing yoga, meditation, taking mountain walks, exploring the local towns and eventually taking Ayahuasca with a shaman, opens experiences to them and they determine to change things in their lives back home.

A feel good, dark comedy about English Life.  


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9. TATTENHAM CORNER TOMBOY( Tatty Tomboy) 6 x 1hr drama  tv series

This is a gangster film based around true events from SE London to Brighton and involving a young girl, who starts life as a tomboy, who has grown up in the most surprising circumstances to control a dodgy and criminal empire.


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A horror/thriller involving a lonely and reclusive man of 50 ish, Dereck, who has been maligned and abused by his mother since a baby. Invalided she still now lives with him and is as demanding as ever.

Derek is sacked from his accountancy job and feeling very aggrieved he continues with making some mechanical bees he has been working on, alongside his sideline in mending old watches.

Determined to get a girlfriend and stop the taunts from his mother he purchases a sex doll and keeps her out of sight of his bed bound mother, though pretends she is real.

Everyone begins to taunt him over various things and he determines revenge with an army of mechanical killer bees, carrying deadly venom he extracts fropm his insect collection.

When he decides to kill everyone at the office where he was sacked he needs to have the help of some young children with small deft fingers and he captures two to help him. Not bargaining for what happens next as events begin to unravel. One of the children is an insect and animal  whisperer.


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Short Film (lgbtq theme)


An ageing gay Jewish artist, advertises for a young model, for his final self-portrait. A young man responds. During the session the young man, is asked to wear a replica of a back-breaking stone carrier used in the Nazi concentration camp.


The simple wearing of this contraption arouses unexpected and heightened emotions within and between them both. The old man comes to the realisation that the young man is himself, ultimately reconfigured and caught in a parallel world of seven year cycles since 1944, when he was 28. The old man is now 84 as the new millennium dawns. Both men have experienced the same life but on different planes that have now collided.


The piece explores the realities of the War years for both of them and each person learns things they never knew, as they remember a shared long dead lover who was murdered by the Nazis. Resolution is achieved for both parties as one ceases to haunt the other and the other finds the ultimate completion of his life by painting his last portrait as death draws ever closer.


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12. DIRTY GIRL and RUDE BOY - a coming of age fantasy and sci-fi drama

Raven Ravillious a trailer trash American girl  writes a handout newsletter, along with her sidekick Abbie about the dangers of processed food, litter, female sanitary products, the importance of consent and other subjects to the uninterested, pouting, filtered wannabe influencers at her school. Breathtakingly beautiful without any makeup she longs to escape the destiny of her teachers and parents views, who see her going to Harvard and leading a conventional life.

At night she astral projects and explores worlds and places no-one she knows has ever seen before. She doesn't know how she does it but it's opening her mind in a way school never can..

On the other side of the world in England a boy Douglas, Dunstable-Williams, at one of the best private schools in the UK is a puzzle to his classmates, decrying porn, the laddish jock like behaviour of sporting boys and refusing alcohol. He is disturbingly clever, ace at sports and good looking. With his trust fund he wants to ride the oceans cleaning them of plastic and having ocean conservation areas where no-one can fish, instead of going to Oxford. He experiments with shrooms in the privacy of his bedroom. One night whether its related or not he finds he can astrally project

They both have a visit from a Mr Birdwhistle, a strange wizard like looking man with long beard and rough dark linen clothes. He has a mission for each of them if they care to take it. He has chosen them because they can expand their minds and astrally project.

There are seven planes to hell and seven planes to heaven with earth in the middle. Their job is to traverse the planes, find the keys to the next level and ascend to the Absolute to bring back the secret of harmony and prosperity to Earth and save it from its greedy and destructive inhabitants. On the way there will be angels to guide them and devils to destroy them. But the devils disguise themselves as angels to trick people and also work their ways into your mind to turn your thoughts to evil ones. Who should be trusted and who should be avoided?

They have been chosen for their purity and intellect as well as their astral projecting powers, If they fail on their misson they will be trapped in the never ending spiral of the planes for eternity and not be able to return to earth. If they complete the mission they will have helped mankind in a way that no other earthling or prophet has done before.

10 part TV series

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13. QUIRKY -a tv series - factual entertainment - about time capsule homes

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I 14. SHELBY HIGH- by Sophie Ashton 8 x 1/2 hour sit comedy about a girl called Chloe Pratt and her boyfriend a gamer called Josh Gee.

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15. MURDER AT SHREWSBURY WOOD - 4 part tv series or feature film

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16. THE HAIRCUT - short film on coercive control. Stop motion puppetry perhaps.