1. SWIPE RIGHT  -   feature film

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1. SWIPERIGHT - a compelling and frightening thriller

Set to begin filming very soon, this story will have you on the edge of your seat.

Dr Bennett, a mad doctor runs a unit where she treats children for various ailments and also has wildly ambitious plans for her neglected daughter to follow in her scientific footsteps.

When the unit closes, the girl is sent to boarding school along with her pet crow, where perceived as slightly odd she carries on making spells and potions in the laboratory alone. What exactly are these for?

News of the death of her mother allows the girl the freedom that she longs for and she gives up science for a girl dance troupe. When they go to a country house to practice their routine ready for a tv audition things start to go awry. Cryptic clues are left in odd places and one by one the girls disappear. As the last two standing the girl and the dance teacher mst solve the clues to save their friends and get out of the place alive.

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2.BLOODY LOVE- feature film - tense, drama thriller - in preproduction

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BLOODY LOVE is a tense drama/thriller written by David Fielding from his award winning play -featuring a teen cast.

We are aiming to shoot July/August 2017

David is an exciting, contemporary playwright who is adapting his award winning and sell out play Bloody Love for the screen. The film will have a slightly different twist to the play. David has written other critically acclaimed scripts and sell out runs of The Killing Class, Jaydens War, The Half Stitched Healing Club and many more. He is an ex BBC Casting Director and successful west end musical theatre performer.


 One night on Hampstead Heath, teenager Joe is found stabbed to death. Everyone of his friends have the means to kill him but did they have a motive or was it a stranger?  A tangled web of secret relationships and long held resentments slowly surface as each friend falls under police scrutiny. The friendship group once tight, now unravels but still no-one will break and betray anyone else, so it's hard to pinpoint the killer. Now two years after the unsolved crime the young people meet again to air their views and to push the police to find the killer.. A story of the darkest secrets, love and loss.


3. CUCKOO IN THE NEST ---feature film - psychological thriller

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CUCKOO IN THE NEST is a dark thriller set in Ireland in the aftermath of the IRA troubles.

The trailer will be shot in Ireland May 2017

Written and Directed by: Jane Sanger

6 main roles and several smaller supporting roles.

Logline: A propulsive thriller, powerful, moving, mesmerising.  An innocent young girl who stays with the Murphy family is a cuckoo in the nest.  Her troubled past brings devastation and death.

Short Synopsis:

Following a pub brawl in Ulster a British man is killed by accident at the end of the IRA and British conflict, and old tensions resurface.  Proclaiming he was an innocent bystander Seamus life takes a turn for the worse and he is forced to make life changing decisions. He attempts to resist the circle of fate that leads to his seduction by a young girl that comes to stay with his wife and young children.  She is more than she seems and her troubled past means she brings tension and mayhem. Seamus holds a secret but his choices are taken from his hands by his best friend, an ex IRA sniper who is determined to save him. Seamus must admit to the truth and face his demons before it is too late.

The short version of this film will be shot in Kerry, Ireland in the spring of 2017

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We are seeking investment in this film that has  a major A list star interested.

Cast Needed for Trailer:

Beth: Megan's mother, broken with grief after her husband, dies aged 45-50, American accent

Megan: Beautiful art student and au pair to the family.  The Cuckoo In the Nest aged 20-25, American accent

Seamus: Tough ex army type Northern Irishman age 35-40

Orla: Seamus Wife, beautiful, charismatic southern irish woman :  - Cast already

4. VARIOUS SHORT FILMS - we have scripts for 8 short films which are for sale or may be developed at any time by ourselves

 1. Katya: Katya, 13 and her friend Penka, 15 live in Bulgaria with little hope of good jobs. They fall for the promise of a well paid job in the UK. Tricked and  bundled into the back of a lorry with other girls, sold a few times along the journey and separated, Katya arrives in the UK. The Russian lady she now belongs to has no waitressing job as she was promised but specialises in the auction of virgins.  How can Katya ever get free with few English words, no passport and little idea of where she is?

Thank you to everyone who supported this film by donations, supplying locations and organising plus the cast and crew.

It is presently in post-production

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2. Teen Prophet: Mimi a whizz at science and a secret tae kwon do champion hears a "voice" when visiting Joan of Arc's grave with her mother. Joan when a teenager changed history and the voice tells her she is chosen to change world history.  Reluctant and unbelieving Mimi set off on her first mission to stop a nuclear bomb being launched.  She cannot believe that anyone will listen to a teenage girl in this patriarchal and ageist society. How will she accomplish this feat?

2. Hidden Angels: Three unlikely and lonley people meet and though they dislike and distrust each other at first they find that each has something to give that makes the others lives better. The characters are Femi an orphan and illegal immigrant who must remain under the radar of authority to pretect herself and her little brother, Jaimie a gay man, his tired drag act needs revamping to give him that big break that he craves, and Mr Maximov and elderly Jew, a survivor of the holocaust, lonely and impoverished who still mourns the wife that died thirty years ago

3. Hidden: Bella and Leila a Syrian refugee are both bullied at school for different reasons.  Forming a bond they spend time at Bella's eccentric Grampa's house.  When Leila overhears a conversation that her parents are unhappy at the cold weather and lack of friends, she thinks they want to return to Syria. Bella and she hatch a plan that brings unforseen consequences.

4. Ape Child: Marcy and Rob have the perfect life, good looking and successful with two beautiful blonde girl they long for a son.  When a scan shows that the pregant Marcy is to have a boy they are thrilled. However when the boy is born he has hypertrichosis lanuginosa, in other words he is very hairy and ugly.  As time goes on the toddler does not speak only grunts and is very volatile. Finally Marcy decides to send the child to a special institution never to return so that she can get on with her erstwhile perfect existence.

5. He Says, She Says: Domestic crime against a man is talked of very little.  Here we see the viewpoint from the possibly warped mind of both husband and wife in the outwardly perfect marriage.  However when the husband dies after an accident whose account are we to believe?

6. The Innocent One: Madeleine, a simple country girl comes to The Sisters of Mercy convent in the 1960's as a novice nun. Here the sisters take in unmarried mothers and give the babies to good catholic homes for adoption.  When Madeleine gives birth herself it's a shock as her pregnancy has gone un noticed.  She claims it's a virgin birth and the baby is the new Christ.  When stigmata appear on her hands the Mother Superior and Priest seize the opportunity and allow her to become a pilgrimage spectacle and ask for money for their new stained glass window in order to see her. Madeleine is not so simple and pious as she seems and one day both she, the baby and all the money disappear.

7. Escape:  Maggie and John are celebrating their 5 year wedding anniversary by going on a road trip to Ireland.  They pick up a seemingly harmless man, a hitchhiker on the journey.  At first he is benign but he gradually asks more and more probing questions and seems to know a lot more about their lives for a stranger.  He opens a can of worms with  disastrous consequences.

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5. DAGGER OF ICE - feature film - psychological thriller with fantasy elements


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Written and Directed by Jane Sanger

Vanessa is depressed that she cannot have a second child and devotes all her time to her perfect six year old daughter Bebe.  Her stepdaughter from he husbands first marriage is resentful at being overlooked.Tom is posted to rural Canada with his job and Vanessa tries to fit in to a newlife.  At a mothers lunch that over runs she is late for the school pick up, Bebe attempts to walk home alone and is run over and killed.

Vanessa is overwhelmed with guilt and grief and retreats into herself ignoring her husband and stepdaughters feelings, so they eventually leave for a while to live with his mother. Gradually Vanessa recovers and resurrects her former life as a wildlife photographer.  In the snowy forest she discovers a beautiful snowchild and her brother.  They lead her into a hidden wild world  of strange creatures and other lives.  She is introduced to Hunter an imposing but taciturn woodsman and he reluctantly agrees to teach her forest ways.

All is not as it seems in the beautiful white world and the creatures and snow children are hounded by a malevolent force. Vanessa witnesses a horrific murder.  She must persuade her husband to return and help her save the snow children and herself from this evilHer family don't believe her fantastical descriptions and its a race against time to make them understand that her boundaries between imagination and reality are not blurred.

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6. MURDER AT THE MINT - historical drama set in England and India from 1925 -47

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My grandfather was employed by the Indian Mint in Calcutta from 1926 and following the Great Crash in 1929 stayed on for another 16 years til  1947 just before Indian Independence The story is  based on the letters he sent home and those written to him I am presently writing a script based on a true story. It will be a series for tv.

7. NIGHTRIDER - historical drama  for tv

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Nightrider is a 8 part historical adventure /drama for television


Directed by Jane Sanger

Written by Jane Sanger and Barry Lewis

The story is based on historical fact. It is a period drama set in the West Country early 1714 onwards.  In the year 1714, George I sits on the throne.  His Germanic descent does not sit well with many. Before sides are chosen, loyalties revealed, a constant threat to the West Country way of life must be addressed.  It has been ravaged for years by the Barbary Pirates from the North Coast of Africa who take young men and women as slaves and sail away with them to the Sultan’s Palace in Morocco. Here the men labour until they die or the women join his harem or brothels.

The central story is about the Fellowes a squires family whose beautiful daughter Elizabeth goes missing one stormy night when the pirates attack along with her brother.  Lady Mary, her mother seeks the advice of Esther the village herbalist and diviner and is thrilled when told her daughter is still alive.  However all is not as it seems.

The Nightriders are employed by the local gentry to patrol the coasts and protect various villagers from attack.  One night a year after the first attack an unknown Nightrider returns Elizabeth, struck dumb, and a story unfolds.


This series is in development, so not casting yet.

These are the characters in the drama:


1.Sir Thomas Goodfellowes – squire (45 -50)

2. Lady Mary Goodfellowes- wife (40 -45)

3. Elizabeth Goodfellowes – daughter (18)

4. John Goodfellowes- son (21 and 30-35)

George Goodfellowes – grandson (various ages from baby)

5.Margory Dean – Thomas's sister (35)

A Sir William Dean (35-40)

B Daisy the mistress (25)

6.Henry Dean – her 10 year old son

C Sir Richard Vyvyan – neighbouring squire (40 -50)

a Steward Will – ( 30 -40)

b Steward Henry ( 40 -50)

c Frances – Ladies Maid (age 30 -35)

D Esther The Witch (40 plus

E Captain Ali Bittar – Moroccan pirate chief (40 -50)

Moroccan pirate crew

7.Moulay Ismail – Sultan of Morocco (50 plus)

F Chief Vizier (50)

8.The Sultan’s Wife (40)

9.Momo chief Eunuch (35)

Hareem Girls (18-25)

Eunuchs (20-40)

Guards(all ages)

Arab slave masters (all ages)

White slaves in Morocco (all ages but under 40)

10.Young Simon Pargiter –Dr’s Son(21)

An older Simon Pargiter (30 -35)

G Dr Edward Pargiter(45-55)

11.Mary -  fisherman’s daughter (20) red haired beauty.

12.Captain Henry Moore – Captain of the Nightriders (35-45)

Other Nightriders

13. Sir Robert Walpole – Prime Minister

14. King George II


Numbers 1-14 equals principle roles

Letters A- G larger supporting roles

Letters a- c  Smaller parts

24 parts

All other parts extras or featured roles(have some lines)



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