We invite you to enter our young actors monologue initiative competition #yamic

It starts from today and will close on Wednesday 3 June, 2020. Winners will be announced on Tuesday 9 June, 2020

It is divided into boys and girls in the age ranges 7-11, 12-16 and 17-22


There are 6 prizes, one for for a boy and girl in each category.


Half of  the entrance money will be divided up for the prizes so the more people enter, the more can be won.

Only one entry per person.

The 6 winners and 6 runners up will all receive a written critique of their monologue.

The 6 winners will be promoted across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

By entering you agree that Lumino Films has the rights to use the clip for promotional purposes in perpetuity.

Monologues will be judged on:

1.Original interpretation.

2.Believability and natural performance

3.Voice, expression, inflection and pace

4. Facial expressions

5. Use of hands and body to enhance the performance

6. Overall standard of the performance


What you have to do is:

1. Enter by paying as below.

2. Screen shot proof that you have retweeted or posted on facebook or insta about this competition. Retweet our posts please not your own ones. But after that you are welcome to retweet/post about it yourself and we appreciate that.

3. Send that screen shot to luminocasting@hotmail.com, we will check you have paid.  Please state your name and age and email on paypal if different to the one you are presently using so we can easily check everything.

4. We will send you a choice of 3 monologues - approx 1 minute long.


5. Pick any one you like - Record the monologue, landscape view, plain background as the photos to the right, state your name and age at the beginning and send  back as an mp4 or .mov to luminocasting@hotmail.com by Wed June 3.




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