We invite you to enter our 3rd  monologue initiative competition #yamic if you are under 25 and #mamic if you are any age above 25

Launches 1 SEPTEMBER, 2021 and will close on: OCTOBER 15, 2021 Winners will be announced on Monday 8 November, 2021


1. WINNERS: Free Period drama scene x 1 in showreel workshop or free contemporary showreel (3 scenes) Worth £250  role in a short short film, IMDB credit, chance to be put forward to best actor awards. (we need at least two of the winners to take this option for it to work) The value of this is not measurable but will be a boost to anyone's career..

2. No Prize this time but a recognition on my web page and twitter

3. The winners and runners up will be considered for representation by Spotted Talent Agency (if you are seeking representation).

(all these prizes must be taken up within 6 months of award,)

English Speaking entrants only, but open worldwide.

Only one entry per person.Free choice of Monolgue but must be 3.00 min maximum.

4 categories:
A ages 12 and under
B ages 13-17
C ages 18-25
D ages 25 plus (all other adults)

3 Judges: Jane Sanger (Writer, Director, Producer), Simon O'Corra (Writer,) and Jenny Henwood (Agent at Spotted Talent)

Own choice monologue.

£12 to enter.

1 winner and 1 runner up each section all genders judged together.

Actors will get a big promotion as many will watch your monologue on twitter and youtube and you can promote it yourself on facebook, instagram and other platforms. I have 18,500 followers on twitter who may look at your monologue including CD's and consider you for future parts.

Last round was very successful, over 100 entered, let's equal that or do even better.

If you didn’t win last year don’t give up because it was really close in some cases so please try again. Previous winners can also win again.

By entering you agree that Lumino Films has the rights to use the clip for promotional purposes worldwide in perpetuity.

Monologues will be judged on:

1.Original interpretation.

2.Believability and natural performance

3.Voice, expression, inflection and pace

4. Facial expressions

5. Use of hands and body to enhance the performance

6. Overall standard of the performance


What you have to do is:

1. Enter by paying as below. £12 per entry

2. Send us a screen shot to prove you have shared news of the comp at least once to luminocasting@hotmail.com. Share and retweet our posts as much as possible to encourage more people to enter.

3. Perform any monologue,  length up to 3 minutes and upload directly  to your  youtube.

Make sure you have the setting on public on youtube. Add the hashtag #yamic 0-25yrs) or #mamic (25-100yrs)

Then post the link  to my pinned tweet on @luminofilms

4. If you don't have a you tube channel the monologues need to be 2.20 mins max for Twitter. Send me the monologue. info@luminofilms.co.uk I will upload for you.

Add your name and age group so

eg Fred Smith -age 16



5. You can use a monologue you have previously made but the fun and challenge is to make a new one.

6. Share your link on my twitter feed to as many people as possible

7. Do not send us monologues or upload them elsewhere and send a link. These will be disqualified if not agreed in advance.

8. If you cannot think of a monolgue and really want one that's individual to you and tailored to your requirements contact socorra@me.com an award winning, Hollywood optioned writer, who will write you one for a small fee of £20.




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AGES 17-22                                                AGES 12-16                                                                                      AGES 7-11                                           ADULTS                                         AGES 17-25                                         AGES 12-17                AGE 11 and under             

WINNER: Lucy Edington-Brown          WINNER: Ilirian Bushi                                                                    WINNER: Alfie Gosnay                     WINNER Lea de Garets      WINNER: Billy Jo Rainbird    WINNER: Sophie Ashton  WINNER: Millie Chapman

Runner Up -  Fiona Bergin                     Runner Up - Joshua Atoyebi                                                      Runner Up - Jake Kemp                  Runner Up Jane Hamlet   Runner Up: Carmen Garcia  Runner Up: Ashlynn Price  Runner Up: Millie-Jayne

WINNER : Joseph Stanley                       JOINT WINNERS: Erin Greaves, Ashlynn Price                       WINNER: Melanie Gibson                                                                                       Martinez                                                                                       Evans

Runner Up - Christopher Pilbeam       Runners Up: Jasmin Horton, Matilda Brookes-Jones,        Runner Up - Mimi McAdam

                                                                       Fay Burwell                                                                                   

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Plus the awards for the most popular monologues judged by the amount of views in Round 2 were:

Ainsleigh Barber -  Adults

Konstanza Firth-Radford - Children