Swipe Right Films (Swipe Right Ltd) specialise in psychological horror/thrillers

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1. #SWIPERIGHT - a compelling and frightening horror/ thriller based around the dangers of a dating app.

Filming has finished and we are about to enter into post production. This story will have you on the edge of your seat. Starring Toyah Willcox, Sophie Ward, Jenny Wu -

Dr Bennett, a mad doctor runs a unit where she treats children for various ailments and also has wildly ambitious plans for her neglected daughter to follow in her scientific footsteps.

When the unit closes her daughter is sent to boarding school, along with her pet crow.

News of the death of her mother allows the girl the freedom that she longs for and she gives up science for a girl dance troupe. When they go to a country house to practice their routine ready for a tv audition things start to go awry.They plan a party and use the dating app Swiperr to invite some young men around. Cryptic clues involving crows and a nursery rhyme are left in odd places and one by one the girls disappear. As the last two standing, the daughter and the dance teacher must solve the clues to save their friends and get out of the place alive.


Twitter: @swiperightfilm


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2. ENTICEMENT - A sequel to #Swiperight

Ellie desperately wants bigger boobs, but she daren't tell her parents after all she's only 16 and she knows what they will say. Then she discovers an online way of getting the funds.

Men will pay a donation towards her operation in return  for a little dance and a flash of flesh.

She's nearly at her goal and she has only a little bit more to raise.

However she makes a big mistake, the most handsome boy comes on line and asks her to chat a bit more about herself. She begins to message him and he's so cute and caring.......

When Ellie is found dead in her own bedroom, her distraught and wealthy parents are desperate to find the killer. Then Police Officer Janie Saving links a few other murders of young girls to the case. A trade mark clue is left at each murder scene and she realises she has a known serial killer on her hands.

Only one person can lure this killer to entrapment but will she become involved in this seedy and dangerous world?

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3. CANINE PRISON - a thriller that touches the heart and yet is frightening to the core.

Casey, a boy aged 11,  Willow aged 9 and Lark 6  are orphaned when their loving parents are killed in a car crash. Their eccentric uncle takes them in to his remote farmhouse but a horrific life awaits. They must sleep all day so as not to arouse suspicion and be up doing chores and work on the farm at night. Their uncle's pack of sharp toothed, large dogs guard the children at all times. The children are denied proper food, schooling or toilet and washing facilities and kept in a filthy basement in separate cellars. They must earn their keep.

Little Lark suprises her siblings, when she finds she has dog whispering powers and the snarling, salivating dogs become calm and controlled in her presence.  She must keep this quiet from her uncle so he suspects nothing. Her powers cannot extend to openly protect the other children. So can someone so young lead her family to safety ? They do not know where exactly they are and Lark is too young  and has no real idea how to negotiate the real world to realise their freedom. Can she suprise them all?