THE GYPSY CON TRICK (web series)

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2. BBC RADIO SHROPSHIRE - interview of Jane Sanger - Director of Lumino Films approx 10.19 on Wed 6 January, 2016

on the Jim Hawkins Show, Radio Shropshire

The Con Game is a film based on a true story about a band of gypsies who come over from Ireland. 

We have just completed the short film and will be continuing the story in a captivating new web series.

The film was selected for CANNES 2016.

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Contemporary drama thriller

This is a heart stopping, upbeat adventure where adversity is trumped by humanity

Target Audience
From teens to fifties. True stories always ring a lot of bells, through those interested in the sensationalism to the better educated , where discussion on stereotyping and culture may be discussed, and full of fighting and skullduggerry that appealls to all boxing lovers and gypsies alike.

Tag Line

Life is a dream for the wise and a game for the fool. Or No-one deserves to be made a slave


Flynn has to offload a dead body in the back streets of the city.  One of his workers has died and no trail must lead back to him. Unbeknown to him some homelss men are not so drunk as they seem and witness him offloading the body behind some bins. Galbi and Hatcher Sullivan  have to flee Ireland with Skeeter after Hatcher tries to rig bets at a bare knuckle fight. They join uncle Flynn in the UK and help in his driveway business. They are tasked with collecting homeless men to work, but once back at the farm the homeless men are enslaved , given litttle food or wages and beaten into submission.  Greg, an angry young student is searching for the father that abandoned him as a child.  His investigation leads him to the farm.  Taken in as another worker when he poses as a homeless autistic boy he finds life there very different to how he imagined it.  Can he accept the father he finds and can he lead the men to freedom?



We discussed gypsy life with a genuine roma gypsy who provided the vardo or old painted gypsy wagon.  We researched Irish gypsy life and spoke to two Irish gypsies.  Speaking to the homeless on the streets of London, begging at the mainline train stations, selling The Big Issue or sleeping on the streets, was an eye opener. Our Director worked on two outreach programmes for the homeless.

The original story was based in Bedfordshire where 40 homeless people were kept and used as slave labour.  Some were there for fourteen years and were bewildered when finally the police arrested the gypsy family who had captured them.  News clips and information is readily available on youtube.  The tv programme My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding provides an insight in modern gypsy life, but we have come to understand that the Irish gypsies who are mostly portrayed  are very different from the Romas.


We are incredibly lucky that Pete Radford our actor who plays Galbi is also a bare knuckle fighter in real life.  Such a coincidence and we did not know that when we cast him.  We aim to film one of his real fights, to incorporate into the opening episode of the web series.  This requires special steady cams and operators to get the close ups at UBBAD - the fight organiser and promoter's next event.

We have already used up a large budget for the short film, all footage which can be used for the web series but just need a few more sequences to make this complete.  The Con Game got accepted at Cannes 2016 so we have high hopes for the future of the film story.

Please give generously below: We only need a little more money to complete the web series so please help and be part of this experience.

Crowdfunding is a democratic way of helping the  film industry.

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