Jane Sanger started life at  Laine Theatre Arts where her mother taught elocution and drama and she had her first professional role at 11. Later she went to university and then between her 5 children taught drama and art, writing scripts and directing plays.  She is an award winning Director of Film and also a successful freelance Casting Director and film Producer.

As an award winning Director and drama teacher of experience I will bring out your best performance so that your reel will be set to impress and encourage Casting Directors to bring you into the casting room.


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After following the advice in our workshops or getting new showreels actors have gone on to win parts in Dr Who, Broadchurch,  Matilda, Lord of the Flies, Maleficent, Mr Selfridge, Call The Midwife, Poldark, Doctors, Casualty, Anna Karenina, Granchester and been a  finalist for Britains Next Top Model and many other films and commercials.

Casting/Showreel Workshop

It looks super. Thank you so much for all your hard work in creating this - proud to have it on Spotlight, thank you - Lucas Ward -

I just wanted to say thank you, Jarrett (age 11) really enjoyed the workshop, met some lovely people and had fun.  He certainly learnt a lot from you and David in one day, not only about techniques but also the demands and expectations of the business, and the level of competition out there! - Lynn Mee, - Epsom, Surrey

Emily (age 18) really enjoyed today, thank you.  She was buzzing with how she can improve by keeping herself in the room with interesting chat, and revealling her personality as a help in landing a part. David had so much knowledge of the right agents to go for and how Emily should market herself.  It was a real eye opener. Emily has been to other casting workshops but no-one has ever told her all this before.   Margaret James- London

Ollie (age 17)I would like to thank you for the support given to me yesterday. It was also a real eye-opener and I really learnt more from myself as a performer.  You helped me understand that I am a 'product' and should be marketing myself to help me get the best chance of success. I want to thank David and Jane for their advice as it has been strongly reflected on, thank you! And see you in the summer for the showreel workshop. Ollie Bridgewater - Birmingham

 Got my first paid role in a short film following your workshop . The Director said he loved my showreel- Dan (40's)

Thank you so much for such a fun day. I learnt a lot and have uploaded my showreel to Spotlight so fingers crossed (Emma - adult - Herts)

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Individual Showreel - whole day dedicated to you £600

Contemporary Showreel Workshop £250.00 - 12 September, 2021, SE London/Kent

Contemporary 1 scene 12 September, SE London, Kent £90

Contemporary Showreel 30 Oct - 3 scenes £250 Doncaster

An alternative 3 stage payment plan is available for the Period Showreel. I. 1st payment by 1 September, £100, 2. 2nd stage payment by 1 October, £100 and  3. 3rd stage payment by 1 November - email me on info@luminofilms to discuss this or talk about an alternate plan. Available in 2 payments for the contemporary reels also.


GETTING THE EDGE - Workshop for young actors  Sat Sept 25 - Central London £100


Victorian Showreel - 1 scene - London - 14 November, 2021


       Victorian Scenes below some from our showreels.

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          ROARING TWENTIES SHOWREEL SCENE                

Twenties period drama: The Great Gatsby, Peaky Blinders, Downton Abbey, Brideshead Revisited, Upstairs Downstairs, The House of Eliott, Boardwalk Empire, The King's Speech, Changeling, Anastasia and many more.

Would a period piece in this era be good for your showreel?

Character roles and aristocrats, young flappers and business men from the city including gangsters.

This was the era of new rebellion and clubs and dancing after the austerity of the War. Children in 1920's films were Ballet Shoes (Emma Watson)Bugsy Mallone (Jodie Foster) Atonement (Saoirse Ronan) Some of these films are breakout films for those who starred in them


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What will the scripts be? They will be adaptations from novels or excerpts from plays or film scripts that are relevant to the era. They will be 1-2 pages long and in this case you will get the complete scene to take whatever excerpt you want to add to your reel. We do not give whole scenes in contemporary showreels.

The scripts cannot be given in advance, because we wait til the course is booked and chose suitable scripts for the varying participants. we obviously want something dramatic and emotional, and that can include happy go lucky like Enola Holmes, or Little House on the Prairie, Little Women. It's not always dark. Darker characters might be Mrs Danvers, Mr and Mrs Squeers, Strict governess, Dr Curlew, Bill Sykes etc.  Each person will have the chance to say what type of character they wish to play.

We have a professional photographer on set for period reels only and they can take photos of you as a headshot, 3/4 length, full length and group. From June 2021,  1 still photograph will be included in the price. Extra  photographs are £20 each and provided as a digitial download, prints are also available. You can order more, once you view them on a viewing gallery provided by the photographer. Mobile phones and snaps are not allowed in the costume room.

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Medieval and Fantasy Scenes cover films like Game of Thrones, Lord of The Rings, The Hobbit, The Never Ending Sotry, Merlin, Labyrinth and many more. Ladies can dress in romantic flowing robes or kick ass warrior types. Men can be knights and warriors or evil slayers and magicians.

The backdrop of the beautful Thornbury Castle provides an excellent location and we will provide excellent costumes . The award winning photographer Janey Lazenby will be offeringstills at an extra price even including perhaps a horse, though the horse is not available in the showreel scenes.

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Sunday 6 December 2020 - SE London £250 - sold out

Sunday 13 December Contemporary Reel  2020 - SE London - sold out

Sunday 7 March,  Contemporary Reel 2021 - SE London -  £90 1 scene,  £250 reel -sold out

Sunday 27 March, 2021 Contemporary Reel- Liverpool - sold out

Saturday 10 April  2021 - Copntemporary Reel  Doncaster - sold out

Friday 12 March  -SE London/Kent - 1 period costume scene  -Victorian ( see below)- sold out

Sunday 18 April -HASTINGS (St Leonards on Sea) - 1 period costume scene -Victorian - Hastings, Sussex £200 - sold out

Sunday 9  May - SE LONDON/KENT  1 scene Roaring Twenties Period Workshop £200 - sold out

Sunday 27 June - SE LONDON/KENT Edwardian/Victorian showreel scene -£250 - sold out

Sunday 4 July  Contemporary Reel - SE London/Kent  £90 scene -£250 for 3 scenes- sold out

Sunday 18 July - Victorian Scene - Hastings - £250.00 Sold Out

Sunday 11 July - Medieval/Fantasy Ladies and Knights - location Thornbury Castle, Castle Street, Thornbury, South Gloucestershire BS35 1HH £300 Sold Out

Saturday 31 July - Contemporary Reel - Manchester - £250 -Sold Out

Sunday 12 September - Contemporary Reel - SE/London/Kent £250- 3 scenes £90 - 1 scene

Saturday 30 October - Contemporary Reel - Doncaster -  £250-3 scenes, £90 - 1 scene

Sunday 14 November - Victorian Scene - London - £250


1. You are given 3 dynamic scripts, approx 1-2  pages long to learn before the workshop

2. You are paired with different participants each scene.

3. You are expected to bring changes of clothes, jewellery and manage changes of hairstyles (simple) for each part.

4. You are asked to consider different accents and attitudes to different characters.

5. I guide and direct you in your performance to bring out the best

6. We have a separate camera operator, who also does lighting and sound

7. Sound is from a rode mic and lav mics (little mics that are placed on you)

8. Depending on your age you must apply makeup and cover blemishes yourself.

9. The scenes are edited in to an approx 2-2.20 minute showreel.  Extra scenes from your own work can be added at no extra charge.

10. Editing after the event can take from 2-4 weeks.

3 scenes are £250, 1 scene is £90

If you want a stand alone showreel, that is only you in the workshop, where I get other actors in to play opposite you and pay them a small fee to do this:

The price £600 for me to make and edit. 3 scenes, separate cinematographer., makeup and hair artist.

Please note that for child showreels there is not a waiting area so parents are requested to drop off and pick up the children. There are cafes and shops nearby. Bluewater shopping is 20 minutes away. Knole Park for a walk and look at the house and deer in the park is 15 mins away.

Things have been difficult with lockdown and covid I know but please read this before proceeding:

1. We don't give refunds, unless you can provide us with a doctors note.  Please bear in mind that a lot of preparation goes into each workshop and acting partners can be let down, costumes are ordered, locations prepaid and we make the budget on having 12 people attend period workshops and 8 for Contemporary, so if numbers go down then this means we cannot make any profit. So unless there is a medical reason (verified by a doctor) we are also unable to consider rescheduling.

2. Though 100% of our attendees are enthusiastic and keen actors, there are an occasional few 2-3% who are not so skilled as others but we cannot be held responsible or refund because you do not like your acting partners performance.

a) You have the chance to practice on zoom or skype before the workshop with your acting partner. Discreetly let us know if you think you are not a good fit.

b) Our fees are competitive  for both contemporary and period reels but the only way to guarantee your acting partner is to go for the individual contemporary reel at £600 and the period scene would be £1,500. Then you can bring in your own choice of other actors or allow me to find the ones I know are very skilled.

3. Our editor is highly skilled and works in TV, plus independent film. Whilst we will re arrange order and apply different colour grade once, we will not accept that you or your agent do not like the scene as we will have done our utmost to make this the best it can be.

4. We do not give whole scenes on contemporary reels for you to edit yourself, but are happy to add any scenes that you provide us from previous work. If you add more than one scene there will be a small charge.

Those who perform in Period scenes are however given the whole scene as they need to cut that into their own reel.

We operate a strict covid protocol.


1. We find a brilliant period correct location

2. We provide a period costume

3. Shoes, jewellery and some accessories like a mans walking cane, hat and tie pins etc could be provided by the participant.

4. Hair and makeup are done by a professional MUA. If you have short hair you must provide your own wig. We have a link to some very good ones on etsy but they take a few weeks to come. Men are requested to grow their hair, facial hair if required for the age, or provide false high quality facial hair , that we have suitable links to or to shave.

5. Once we have all 12 participants we choose suitable period scripts for you in groups of two approx 1-2 pages long that are either original or come from literature adaptations.

6. We send out a form asking for all measurements to try to match the costumes to you.

7. We have a professional stills photographer to take photos on the day. Mobile phones and taking photos are not allowed in the costume room. These stills can be preordered and are £20 each, for headshot, 3/4' length, full length and group.

You will have 5, watermarked to chose from in a viewing gallery after the event. Prints are also available.

8. We use a blackmagic camera, rode mic, lav mics and lights.

9. You may practice with your acting partner before on zoom etc. I direct you on the day.

10. The edited 1 scene will be sent to you 2-4 weeks after the event.

11. We are making a web series called Step into History on imdb part or all of the footage may be used and you will get a credit if your footage is used.

12. The future finished scenes will be approximately 2 minutes long.

13. A still photo is included in the package with others to order at £20-£30 from September, 2021 the free photo is available when you order one or more other photos, so 2 for the price of one.


We are holding workshops throughout the year to film a period scene for your showreel. The scenes will be in a genuine period location, have costume and costume supervisor provided, plus hair and makeup. The scripts will be period appropriate.

There are many period dramas being cast all the time and it helps to show CD's what you can do. Besides it's fun.

In addition when you sign up there will be a chance to add a period style headshot or a group photo in costume at a small extra charge by a professional photographer. Mobile phones will not be allowed on the film set.

This price is for one scene. Maximum 12 actors per day.

  1. Friday March 12 – Victorian Drama - interior London Mansion SOLD OUT
  2. Sunday April 18 - Victorian Drama - interior beautiful house nr Hastings. Sussex SOLD OUT
  3. Sunday May 9 – Roaring Twenties plus Edwardian for children - interior Kent house £200 SOLD OUT
  4. Sunday June 27 Edwardian/Victorian - £250 - interior/exterior House in Kent SOLD OUT
  5. Sunday 11 July – Medieval/Fantasy- Knights and Ladies venue Thornbury Castle, Castle Street, Thornbury, South Gloucestershire BS35 1HH - £300  SOLD OUT
  6. Sunday 14 November - Victorian Drama - London, Putney  £250
We do need 12 booked per workshop to make this work. We can't take more.


This scene on June 27, 2021 is specific and will either be The Railway Children, Jayne Eyre. Oliver Twist or Emily of Moon Farm

New Edwardian/Victorian Period Showreel following the success of last weekend's Railway Children here are a couple of photos for you to look at from the workshop. On Sunday June 27 we will be doing another Victorian/Edwardian period workshop mostly for children. It could liven your showreel up and increase your chances to be cast in period drama.

The workshop will be in SE London, Kent, near where E Nesbit originally lived who wrote The Railway Children. It's near to Orpington Station in zone 6 of London and then a short taxi ride. Or plenty of off road parking space at the venue.

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Many young actors when starting out in their careers do not know what to expect in audition.

How to best present themselves

A. In person

B. On self tape

Very important  is also to be able to take direction. That means that you listen to the director or casting director and can bring a range of emotion to your piece.

You may have practised it one way but you do need to be able to do it other ways.

Directors do not cast people who cannot take direction. That is you must be flexible and not just be able to do it your way. Casting Directors can also ask you to improvise.

So the day will consist of

1. Warm up games.

2. Discussion about what casting directors want, how to best present yourself in order to be cast

3. Some practice acting games to show varying emotions

4. Practice a real live audition

5. Some more games acting out improvisation in twos or groups.

6. How to present a cv in an email. How to write to a casting director.

7. Perform your monologue - prelearnt to camera (this will be sent afterwards for you to add to your repertoire or showreel.)

Ages 8- 21, or adults £100 for the day. minimum 10 attendees maximum 15.

Will be in Central London - at the Koppel Studio 54-56 Oxford Street, London