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After following the advice in our workshops or getting new showreels actors have gone on to win parts in Dr Who, Broadchurch,  Matilda, Lord of the Flies, Maleficent, Mr Selfridge, Call The Midwife, Poldark, Doctors, Casualty, Anna Karenina, Granchester and been a  finalist for Britains Next Top Model and many other films and commercials.

Casting/Showreel Workshops

Ellie was so pleased with her showreel and said the workshop was one of the best, fun days of her life! - Ellie Geoghagan (12) -

It looks super. Thank you so much for all your hard work in creating this - proud to have it on Spotlight, thank you - Lucas Ward (14)-

Thank you for your advice and your interest in Rebecca(age 9) and for providing such a fun, and interesting workshop, I am sure she has come away more informed and I know she really enjoyed herself. We are both delighted to have met such lovely genuine personable people such as David  and Jane. - Samantha Barry - Watford

Just on the train back home and Tallulah and Kizzy(ages 14 & 16) are full of it , about the day.  Thank you so much for organising a fantastic day and David was lovely, very informative, please thank him on our behalf. - Lucy Fassett - Tunbridge Wells, Kent

I just wanted to say thank you, Jarrett (age 11) really enjoyed the workshop, met some lovely people and had fun.  He certainly learnt a lot from you and David in one day, not only about techniques but also the demands and expectations of the business, and the level of competition out there! - Lynn Mee, - Epsom, Surrey

Polly(age 11) had fun, made friends and learnt something and would not have missed it for the world - Chris Wildish -Diss, Norfolk

Emily (age 18) really enjoyed today, thank you.  She was buzzing with how she can improve by keeping herself in the room with interesting chat, and revealling her personality as a help in landing a part. David had so much knowledge of the right agents to go for and how Emily should market herself.  It was a real eye opener. Emily has been to other casting workshops but no-one has ever told her all this before.   Margaret James- London

Ollie (age 17)I would like to thank you for the support given to me yesterday. It was also a real eye-opener and I really learnt more from myself as a performer.  You helped me understand that I am a 'product' and should be marketing myself to help me get the best chance of success. I want to thank David and Jane for their advice as it has been strongly reflected on, thank you! And see you in the summer for the showreel workshop. Ollie Bridgewater - Birmingham

Louise (adult) one to one advice - David was fantastic. Thank you so much. - Louise  Green -Prestwood, Bucks

It was a totally enjoyable and interesting day with David giving us some really useful tips for how to approach auditions and casting agents.  He was very encouraging and also very funny and knowledgeable, having been in the business for years. So the day just whizzed by and Ellie (13) learnt such a lot and she would definitely go to another workshop organised by Lumino Films   -   Diney Bindman- London

Firstly let me thank you for the workshop you ran last Friday which my daughter Megan attended, she had a great day and said its the best workshop she had attended! Karen Sanderson - Bexley Heath

Thank you so much for a great day - Susan was very informative and  got us thinking how my daughter (age 14) could improve - Sarah King, London

I would like to thank you very much for  the  workshop yesterday at RADA. 
Ellie really enjoyed the experience and was pleased to meet you and Susan Head .  Ellie said she found the workshop interesting, enjoyable and informative - especially the chance to act in front of a rolling camera film and to be advised of some fundamental audition casting tips. Rachel Goldfinch - Buxted

Thankyou for Saturday, Lillie-Jay had a fab time at the showreel workshop, learnt a lot and thought Rory (cameraman) and Maria (assistant teacher), Jane Sanger (director) were lovely and friendly, making a great atmosphere.  We look forward to the finished showreel - Lisa Evans - Herts 

2018 - Thank you very much for the great showreel. It was so good meeting the other actors and I would love to just come to the workshop again if you do another one, because it was such fun and I learnt a lot -Marie (30's)

2018 - Would love for you to do a workshop session at my agency to help promote my clients.

2018 - Got my first paid role in a short film following your workshop . The Director said he loved my showreel- Dan (40's)

2019 - Thank you so much for such a fun day. I learnt a lot and have uploaded my showreel to Spotlight so fingers crossed (Emma - adult - Herts)


 Joe Fisher - age 16 - Paglesham, Essex-

Thanks Jane for this.  Had a great time.  I am keen to get involved in any other projects/workshops you will be running and if you need any free labour, feel free to drop me a line.

Francesca Stone -19- Westerham, Kent -

Dear Jane, I really enjoyed the film, 'Tuesday and Wednesday' were great parts to play and  we seem to have made good friends which is an added bonus.

Charlotte Touboulic -19- Sutton, Surrey -Next, 3 days filming a horror film with some amazing people and having loads of laughs with the cast and crew.

Individual Showreel - whole day dedicated to you £600

Individual  Special Showreel Workshop date tba, £400

Another showreel combining adult and child themes.

Skype workshop for Short Film (1hr - 1-2-1 plus preread through and analysis of script) Script Development £75

 Skype Workshop for Short Film (1 hr -1-2-1) Finding Cast and Crew £50

 Skype Workshop for Short film (1 hr 1-2-1 ) Finding Funding £50

Skype Workshop for Short Film (1 hr 1-2-1)Directing Actors £50

Skype Workshop for Short Film 1 hr 1-2-1 Post Production - Editing £50

Skype Workshop for Short Film (1hr-1-2-1) Film Festivals, Marketing, VOD £50

6  x  Skype 1 hr workshops on all aspects of Short Film making (6 for the price of 5) £250


Film Presenter skype 1-2-1 call 2 hours




Jane Sanger started life at  Laine Theatre Arts where her mother taught elocution and drama and she had her first professional role at 11. Later she went to university and then between her 5 children taught drama and art, writing scripts and directing plays.  She is an award winning Director of Film and also a successful freelance Casting Director and film Producer.

As an award winning Director and drama teacher of experience I will bring out your best performance so that your reel will be set to impress and encourage Casting Directors to bring you into the casting room.


Any age from 10 - Adult. We are including children here because they have to learn to approach adults in order to network.

So many actors and film makers write posts about not getting enough work and I say that the key is networking. However good your agent is there’s always more work which can go through your agent for safeguarding of course. So I was wondering about doing a workshop. Networking has been key for me.

1. Social Media to promote yourself and find work.
2. Networking Events, where to find them, which ones to go to.
3. Working the room - how to overcome shyness and what kind of conversations you should have. How to know when to move on.
Practical practice session.
4. What to wear/do/say so you are remembered.
5. Agents - where to find a good one, how to find one and when it’s time to move agents.
6. How to extricate yourself from come ons and long boring conversations.
7. Anything else you think should be covered ?
It would be for a day 10-4 London to start with and possibly with other speakers. £75 for the day per person and £100 for parent and child aged between 10-17
SUNDAY 29 March - Central London  venue tbc.


Ages 10-20. We want you to succeed. Get in the room and know how to best bring out your performance, learn little tricks to give you the edge.

SE LONDON  -to be arranged.

N LONDON -  to be arranged

You will learn audition techniques and confidence in the audition room

Talk about how best to make a self tape with examples

Prepare a real audition and get  constructive feedback

Learn to dust off and try again

Games and acting exercises

Prepare a 1 min monologue that will be filmed and sent to you after the workshop.

SHOWREEL WORKSHOPS - SE LONDON(zone6) NEXT DATE TBC - £250 (minimum 4 in the group) - full day - 3 scenes, request period or contemporary scenes or a mix. Its important to:

1. Make a 2 to 2 and half minute showreel that shows your skills off best to CD's

2. Play 3 different types, that define your playing abilities.

It is not good to say I can play anything- You must work on 2-3 types: ie bitch, ditsy girlfriend, hard, cold, intelligent officer - ladies. Nasty streak, kind, dopey father/husband, abrasive business man.

Together we decide what types you think you are- then 3 scripts are selected for you, written by me or other scriptwriters.

I film on a Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4K with a separate cinematographer and some lighting. The majority go for this and we produce high quality showreels from this option. Minimum 4 in the group. £250 per day

If you want me to bring in special lighting, (period or special costume), sound and makeup, hair -the price of the showreel is £400 per person, minimum 4 in the group. 3 scenes, period or contemporary, separate cinematographer.

If you want a stand alone showreel, that is only you in the workshop, where I get other actors in to play opposite you and pay them a small fee to do this

price £600 for me to make and edit. 3 scenes, separate cinematographer., makeup and hair artist

Please note that for child showreels there is not a waiting area so parents are requested to drop off and pick up the children. There are cafes and shops nearby.

Please note that we are unable to give the full edited scenes for you to edit further. We prefer to edit ourselves any material filmed by Lumino Films. However we are happy to add other extra scenes at no charge to your showreel.

We are happy to make small amendments or reorder scenes once more after the final edit is sent to you. However we will not refilm scenes on another day without charge.


I have won 19 awards for filmmaking and made 14 shorts and 9 promos. I struggled at the beginning to understand all the aspects of film making and over the past 7 years have learnt a lot of shortcuts, hard truths and things I would like to pass onto you to help you. I have been a festival judge for 3 film festivals and as such have seen many, many short films, some great and some not so good. Let me help you avoid the pitfalls.

We have various workshops to help you in all aspects of short film making.

Short films can be made because:

A you have a story to tell

B you want to have a calling card to get funding for a feature film or tv series, if you are a film maker

C you want to create work for yourself as an actor or crew member.

Each workshop is stand alone and I will email you notes afterwards.

1. Script Writing - I will read and evaluate your script, we will discuss, story, originality, character development. £75

2. Funding- I will discuss with you the many ways to get your film funded. We will also discuss budgeting. £50

3. Cast and crew are crucial to a good film. I let you know how to entice and get to low A list and upper B list actors who will enhance your film. How to find and get good crew. Contracts. £50

4. How to direct actors to bring out the best in their performance. How to find a good director if you don't want this role. £50

5. The importance of good editing, sound , music and vfx. Doing it your self on imovie will not be professional enough. How to find that editor that can bring your vision to life. £50

6. Navigating the Festival circuit. What this does for you and your film. Where to aim. Marketing and VOD as a source of income. How to claim Film tax credit. In other words how to make money from your short if possible. £50

We also offer all 6 of these workshops for the price of 5.



Many people think that you just send your script to potential investors, but in fact that is the last thing you do. First you send a pitch in the form of a visual pack called a presentation pack with poster at the front, synopsis, Director, Producer and DOP pages , cast page, location page, schedule, influences, some of your storyboard or photos of any behind the scenes work you have done and links perferably to a teaser or trailer or short film you have based the work on.

Next investors may ask for a treatment and last the script.

This is not always the case but with 90% of investors this is what they want. Skype call of 2 hours. £120

Last but not least we run MAKE A FILM IN 5 DAYS. Held in Orpington, Oxted, Sevenoaks, Kent area.

Whether you like acting, cinematography, lighting, sound, you can join in any of those aspects and we will have a fun week making a short film. Maybe this will add to your cv, showreel or maybe it will just give you a taste of all your talents.

Anyone interested can have a chance to try editing too.

This will be uploaded to you tube and shown at either Westerham Film Club or Oxted Everyman Cinema for 1 ticketed event. Complimentary tickets plus one for all participants. £250. Minimum 10, Maximum 20 participants.

Next dates tbc  Ages 10- 15 and 16-21


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